The course consists of 6 main modules, each module has 3-4 tutorial videos to complete.


If you decide to Enrol, you will get immediate access to the learning dashboard and your personal account where you can begin the online learning experience.

Each tutorial video is presented on an individual page, and once you have completed each video, you just hit the ‘Mark Complete’ button and you will move to the next video. There is a navigation so that you can jump to any part of the course and it’s all very easy to use, and it’s built with your learning experience in mind.

In order to understand the depth of this online course, we have outlined each module on this page. So scroll down to find out what you will learn!

“Having worked as an artist /educator for my whole working life and with a training in fine art that covered ceramics I have developed a passion for clay as a medium. It can be so many things to so many people from a therapeutic activity to a profession. I wanted to develop this course, as an invitation for the beginner to engage confidently with clay.”

Auriol Herford

Different Clays: Covers the different types of clay you will be working with on the course.

What is Slip, Plastic, Leather Hard? Learn about working with clay in different stages of wet to dry.

Safety First…It’s important to make sure that before you begin the course, you are aware of health and safety precautions when working with clay.

Wedging: This process is used to remove air bubbles from the clay and to homogenise.

Pinching: Introduction to the Pinching technique, where you learn how to shape the clay.

Pinching Exercise: Using the technique to create your first item: a pinch pot.

Working with Leather Hard Clay: Handling clay in this texture to further develop your design.

Coiling: Introduction to the Coiling technique and how to apply to your pinch pot.

Building with coils (Part 1): Building your coil pot using ‘scoring’ and ‘slipping’

Drawing for inspiration: How to develop your ideas on paper

Building with Coils (Part 2): Using the coils to extend the height of the piece

Working with leather-hard clay: Working with the coil pot in it’s leather hard state

Slab Building Technique: Slab Building introduction and preparation

Slab Technique: Building a butter dish: Using the Slab Building technique to make build a butter dish

Drawing and suggested tools – Planning your design on paper.

Combining the Techniques – Apply the techniques you have learned

The clay needs to be properly prepared before Glaze is added

This tutorial will show you how to prepare your clay before adding the Glaze.

Painting is fun, but before getting into the Glazing, we must first warm up with the paint.

Now that we have prepared the Glaze, we can start the process of Glazing and get creative with our colours.

Glaze firing is not an easy technique to master but we will cover the basics in the final tutorial video.

Course Registration

Registration fee
To register for this course, a one off fee of £150 is required which will give you full access to the all the videos for life, which you can watch in our advanced online step by step eLearning suite which you can complete in your own time and in the comfort of your own home.

The Toolkit
You may also need to purchase the course materials and tools as used in the videos to fully complete the course.
We have put together a ‘Course Toolkit’ for you, which includes the clay (of course) and also all the tools you need to start hand building right away.

The tools we have selected are premium quality, yet affordably priced to ensure that your entry into the world of ceramics will not break the bank. Please bear in mind that these courses are usually held in ceramics workshops, who would provide the tools to use as part of the course fee, however this tool kit is yours to keep and can provide many years ceramics hand building.

Please see the options below for the Tool Kit, then when you go to the registration page, you will be asked to select which Tool Kit you require (You can also select ‘No Toolkit’ if you already have the materials)

Payment Options
The options on the registration page are as follows: Course Fee: £150, then if you require the Toolkit you can select either the ‘Basic: £25’ ‘Standard: £49’ or ‘Deluxe: £80’ versions. If you only require some of the items from the Tool Kit then you can visit our online shop and select and purchase the items you need from there as a separate order.
Once you have enrolled in the course, you can also use the store to buy any extra or replacement tools or more clay.
If you do not require the toolkit as you have your own tools, or you are buying registrations as part of a class you are holding, then select ‘No Tool Kit required’ and you can pay for the course membership only. 

See below to help you decide which Toolkit you require on the registration page:

Basic Toolkit (£25):
• 12.5kg bag of buff clay
• Potter’s knife
• Cutting wire
• Metal kidney (serrated)
Metal kidney (flexible)
• Rubber kidney

Standard Toolkit (£49):
• Rolling pin – Small
• 12.5kg bag of buff clay
• Modelling tools
 Cutting wire
 Kidney [metal, serrated]
 Kidney [rubber]
• Kidney [metal]
• Banding wheel
 Potter’s knife
• Rasp 

Deluxe Toolkit (£129):
• 12.5kg bag of buff clay
• Rolling pin – Small
• Modelling tools
• Cutting wire
• Kidney [metal, serrated]
• Kidney [rubber, small]
• Kidney [rubber, flexible]
• Kidney [metal, flexible]

• Sponge
• Potter’s pin
 Potter’s knife
• Flat shade brushes [8 pack]
• Mop brush 
• Banding wheel
• Rasp 
Roller guides
• Cloth, for clay rolling

If you are ready to go straight to the registration page and enrol.

If you would like to see the course modules breakdown first, then enrol.

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